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Updated: Jul 25

When you start to crochet the beginning, some the project has many colors in the same workpiece, and you can't figure it out, how to change color in the round. Some people tie the yarn 🧶 That does not look neat.

I work a lot on crochet pieces. Once on crochet mini stocking Christmas ornament that used two colors. I can show you how to change colors at the end of a row without knots.

Learn more!

Please visit on YouTube tutorial. Watch a full-on video. Allow the link for crochet mini stocking Christmas ornament here:

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Updated: Jul 22

Crochet applique can make your project looks wonderful. Crochet applique can attach including cloth, hat, scarf, headband, card, and scrapbook. A popular project is a baby blanket. When you start making a baby blanket. You need to create something like woodland or sea life on the blanket. You can make crochet fish applique in multiple colors for the sealife set.

How to crochet fish applique, easy and quick finish. This is my crochet tutorial on a YouTube channel. There has a crochet pattern free.


Cotton yarn #2 ply

Crochet hook 2.75mm.



Threader tool

Note: You can use different yarn types but you have to use hook size same as yarn label specified.

Please follow:

YouTube channel

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Updated: Aug 20

When you like to eat donuts, and you want to make a crochet donut with a hole in the middle. And make it like a real one. Easy to do!

Initially, you have to learn how to do basic crochet donuts before making many different patterns.

This crocheted donut is made of two pieces and then sewn together. Leave a hole to insert polyester before closing all the workpieces.

This video teaches you how to crochet a simple crochet donut in actual size.

Crochet all two pieces. Use different colors as a part of flour, use the brown color, and use the above pieces in different colors.

If you use the yarn with multiple colors on the same skein, you will get a donut piece that looks like a sprinkle.

What did crochet donuts work?

Crochet donuts can be used in various ways, including: Attach a key ring, add essential oil, or anyone who likes sewing can use it as a pin-up pillow. Also, crochet donuts can be toys for kids or toys for your pets. It's a very cute idea.

Needle cushion!

Crocheting donuts with acrylic yarn 4 ply, the actual size it's large enough to add a lot of pins. Can clean dust easily in a washing machine setting low level and hang air dry or use low level on the dry machine.

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