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 Handmade crafts Sewing & Crochet. 

My name is Kanittha. I live in New York, United States. I have a full time doing my handmade work, sometimes going to the sewing machine, and switching to crochet. I learn to crochet for more than 30 years. I'm so crazy about handmade every day! I have a lot of fun creating crochet patterns and picking fabric colors to make an excellent project sewing. I love to make the wallet because everyone needs it to hold many cards simultaneously and need to keep it in the same place. Then you never lose it again. Every product uses high-quality material, so it's worth it for you.
For the crochet appliques! I know you are searching for the color matching your project! The yarn is available in more than 30 colors—cotton yarn of high quality will make your product look great.

All items 100% handmade by Kanittha's Crafts

Update: For those who love to learn crochet. Check the BLOG page. There has a YouTube video tutorial for you.
          **Love crocheted**
It would help if you had something for your handmade decorative project. Here! Crochet applique variety available for you!
30+ Best Crochet Sew on Appliques-Handmade Gifts Idears-USA